• Modern Precision invites you to the 2nd summit on innovative smart-wearable materials and applications


    The 2nd summit on innovative smart-wearable materials and applications held by Aibang will be on Dec. 10, 2021 at Grand Skylight Hotel Shenzhen, in which Youqin Huang, vice engineering manager of Modern Precision Group will deliver a speech on application of multi-shot insert moulding (MSIM®) in smart wearables. Modern Precision here extends the warmest welcome to you and looks forward to your attendance and opinions there.

    It is reported that in addition to discussing the research, technology and innovative application of intelligent wearable materials, this forum will also expand the discussion in the field of intelligent wearable health, and discuss its appearance design innovation, functionality, sports health and endurance expansion. Please look forward to it at that time.It’s been introduced that apart from discussion on smart wearable materials, technique and process, innovative applications, this summit will also cover health issues, design innovation, functionality, durability on smart wearables. All of these coming soon.