• Activities for Mid-Autumn Festival with Modern Precision


    Fine or not, it’s a good time to celebrate. From 17:00 to 18:30 p.m. on September 17, the event, theme of which “Mid-Autumn Festival with Modern Precision”, organized by Modern Precision HR was successfully held inside Modern Precision industrial park. This event has enriched holiday life of employees, created a warm, festive and harmonious atmosphere inside the company, enabled employees to better feel the warmth from the big Modern Precision family, can strengthen communication between employees, intensify employees’ sense of identity and belonging to Modern Precision.

    This event consists of seven game activities, namely, Lantern Riddles, Hand and Foot Game, Brave into “Mines”, Dart Throwing, Blindfold “battle”, Grab a Chair, and Break a Golden Egg. Each participant will be given gift vouchers based on their performance in the games, and all collected vouchers can be used to exchange different gifts at the redemption area.

    Among the seven game activities, the most popular were "Lantern Riddle" and "Blindfold Battle". There were crowds of people. Laughter and screaming rose and fell here and there. Through lantern riddles, people began to know about the origin and development of Mid-Autumn Festival, different celebrations among folks and the unique Chinese cultures contained, also to understand the meaning of mooncakes, harvest celebration, reunion, and blessing sending.

    The “blindfold battle” was very fierce. At the beginning, two participants confronted each other. They both wore eye-masks and respectively turned around in circles 5 times at their standing spots. Then the referee blew the whistle once. And the two participants began to attack each other with a “weapon” within an appointed area, and the one who first got 3 hits lost. To make it even more difficult yet interesting, 1vs 1 was changed into 2 vs 2. Participants began to find their partners and together played the game. Cheering and sounding, and a strong festive atmosphere surrounded the place. 

    Participants were given gift vouchers and with all collected vouchers gifts can be exchanged. Through this activity, the company aims to create a good work and life atmosphere for employees, improve their enthusiasm for work, enhance their sense of identity and belonging, reduce the turnover rate of employees, gradually build an excellent corporate culture, and create a team with core competitiveness. 

    Modern Precision here wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a joyful reunion.